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Breathe Exhibition

Breathe at the Royal Alberta Museum was proudly presented by FRAMS. We thank our supporters for their help in bringing this incredible travelling exhibition to the Royal Alberta Museum!

Thank You For Making a Difference!

Assomption of Survival by Celina Loyer (Sturgeon County)

As the presenters of Breathe, FRAMS was proud to help bring this exhibition to RAM from July 14 – October 11, 2021 by contributing $22,000 to cover the artist’s fees. Together, our members, donors and friends gifted a total of $6,816 to help bring this world-class exhibition to our community! We gratefully acknowledge everyone who made a gift to the campaign, thank you!

About the Breathe Exhibition (July 14 – October 11, 2021)

Through hardship, we turn to art; through challenge, we turn to tradition. Discover resilience and humanity amid a 21st-century pandemic in this exhibition of hand-crafted masks by artists from around the world.

The masks of Breathe share their makers’ unique stories of fear, courage, sadness, hope, love, and healing that unite us all. Each mask was crafted through diverse mediums including beadwork, embroidery, birch bark etching, quill work, quilting, rug hooking, metalwork, and glass fusion.

Masks aren’t part of our culture historically. We beaded everything. We beaded leggings, moccasins, jackets, vests, hats. This is brand new. We’ve never had the occasion to bead a mask. But this is the time that we’re living in now …

Lisa Shepherd

Further Resources

Recording of July 14, 2021, virtual event Breathe: Creating Resilience through Traditional Art. Presented by RAM & FRAMS. Listen to Elaine Alexie, Curator of Indigenous Studies in conversation with Breathe co-creators Lisa Shepherd and Nathalie Bertin on resilience, art, and healing with the Breathe Project.

To learn more about the Breathe Project, visit RAM’s Breathe online exhibition for interviews with the Alberta-based Breathe artists, to view the masks and discover the stories behind them.

Article: “Breathe, together”, by Maegen Black, Garland Magazine, posted 5 March 2021

Breathe Facebook Group

Article & Video: These beaded masks are bringing together a whole new community to find healing, by Susannah Heath-Eves, CBC Arts, posted June 11, 2020