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FRAMS is proud to support the acquisition of artifacts, collections and treasures, their preservation and the interpretative exhibits that tell their stories at the Royal Alberta Museum.

FRAMS supported acquisitions include:

Blood Tears

Originally from Cold Lake, Alberta, Alex Janvier is one of Canada’s most prominent and celebrated artists. This deeply personal work reflects on Janvier’s 10 years at the Blue Quills Indian Residential School. Blood Tears conveys loss as well as resilience and is the centrepiece of the museum’s new exhibition on residential schools.

Columbian Mammoth Cast

This large mount of the Royal Alberta Museum’s icon is a cast made from the original skeleton. It took two months to assemble including making the replica tusks because initial casts were too heavy for the mount. New hand-carved tusks were ready just in time for the mammoth to be donated on the occasion of the Museum’s 25th birthday in 1992 by the Friends of Royal Alberta Museum Society.


Milton and Cheadle

Milton and Cheadle Plate: Over the Mountain, To Jasper House

FRAMS purchased this rare hand-painted Milton plate for the museum to celebrate the society’s 30th birthday. It depicts a scene from Lord Milton and Dr. Cheadle’s 1862 expedition through Western Canada. It is one of 13 dessert plates that feature scenes from their journey.

Allosaurus Skull Cast

In 2012, FRAMS purchased a life-sized skull cast that allows school children to get up close and personal with a dinosaur skull. This cast sparks curiosity, as students touch and examine Alberta’s rich paleontological history.

Frog Lake Rifle

In 2018 at auction, FRAMS purchased a rifle that Cree Chief Big Bear presented to Frog Lake Massacre survivor William B. Cameron. The rifle, which tells the story of a historically significant moment in Alberta’s history, is now on display in the museum’s new Human History Gallery.