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Go! Program

The Go! Program increases access to the Royal Alberta Museum by providing admission passes through local social service agencies to individuals and families experiencing financial barriers.

Travelling through time to the world of ancestors, long-ago civilizations and landscapes transforms us. No one is ever the same. Museum doors, however, do not easily swing open for all Albertans.

FRAMS’ Go! Program changes that.

This program ensures the museum is accessible to all Albertans by providing Albertans who are experiencing socio-economic barriers with the opportunity to visit the Museum free of charge. Pass recipients are able to experience Alberta’s heritage and all that the Royal Alberta Museum has to offer. They are inspired to learn, to foster wonder, and gain new understandings about Alberta and its place in the world. Visitors can share their museum experience by donating to the Go! Program. Your donation to Go! will translate into the gift of a day pass for an individual, family or group who normally could not afford to visit.

Go! Program Partners

FRAMS is the only organization that works with social agencies to bring children, adults, seniors and families to RAM. To be eligible for Go! passes an organization must be not-for-profit, and directly serve communities in need, which may include: families and individuals struggling to overcome poverty, marginalized youth, Albertans with disabilities, and newcomers to Alberta. Applications will be returning in spring/summer 2022. To learn more about becoming a Go! Program Partner please contact us at